Makes today energetic

For Indians, coconut and its water are believed to have the properties of the ambrosia.

From the time immemorial, we know innumerable health benefits of coconut water. In addition, as we have blended it with lemon and ginger, which also possess various health advantages; it resulted into an Energy Powerhouse, with a unique taste.

Coconut water used is extracted from the Hand Picked-Finest Quality & Fresh Cocconuts. And blended with speficic Natural Flavors.

Available Size – 200ml

Nutritional Info
*Approximate values per 100ml
Energy 42Kcal
Natural Sugar
Added Sugar
Vitamin C 0.5g
Fat 0g
Protein 1.64g

*Approximate values mg/100ml
Calcium 26.18
Magnesium 7.53
Phosphorus 5.63
Potassium 115.95
Sodium 3.62

Coconut Water: A Possible Ambrosia

‘Amrit’ in Indian legends and ‘Ambrosia’ in Greek ancient stories thought to confer immortality might be a myth. Yet coconut water has all those properties that offer it a status of ‘A Possible Ambrosia’.

Benefits Of Lemon & Ginger

How the process works