Fruit ki Masti, Masale ka Twist

An apple is considered as one of the healthiest fruits throughout the world. Its juice too has become an inevitable drink in health issues as well as in fun times.

Yet, our thorough study in the sector of customers’ penchant for fun drink shows that they don’t abide by a certain taste forever and continue to change their drinks. They incline to tastier flavours or they plainly choose an option.

In this scenario, we’ve developed a tasty apple drink, ‘Masala Apple’, which has been blended with time-tested Indian spices.

In this drink, you’ll have a taste of Special Spice Mix (a combination of traditional Indian spices). The uniqueness of this drink is the spice mix gives it the tingling effect that comes without carbonation, which also adds to its taste.

Available Size – 200ml

Nutritional Info
*Approximate values per 100ml
Energy 59Kcal
Total Sugar
Vitamin C 0.5g
Fat 0.1g
Protein 0.34g

*Approximate values mg/100ml
Calcium 4.42
Magnesium 1.39
Phosphorus 0.95
Potassium 9.58
Sodium 44.25

Shared Drink

Everybody has his or her own likes and dislikes. The delicacies you love might be disliked by others.
However, our ‘Masala Apple’ makes it a shared-drink. Its beloved theme ‘Playing with Flavours’ gives it wings.

When you return home after a hectic day at office, unique “teaness” of tea reminds you instantly a hot cup of tea.

Similarly, think of ‘Masala Apple’ and close your eyes, You’ll immediately portray juice of radiant red apples blended with some traditional Indian spices, it’s thus simple.

Its aroma, blend of sweet and tangy tastes and feel in the mouth makes it unique from other flavours.

But wait a moment; this will truly be only a part of the quote. The other vital half is how ‘Masala Apple’ makes you feel.

A mouthful of ‘Masala Apple’ is just not to load your stomach, but to catch real enjoyment and fulfillment.

Here our creativity, invention and innovation of ‘Playing with Flavours’ begins.

Now, hold your excitement, until you take the packet of ‘Masala Apple’ in your hands, open it and have a sip…

How the process works