About Us

‘A3L Foods’ is Ahmednagar-Based food start-up, formed in February 2016 that manufactures and markets Flavoured Coconut Water and Fruit Juices. It is led by four young entrepreneurs, Dr. Ankush Sudrik, Akshay Bora, Akshay Chordiya & Lalit Surana.

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Why Flavee?

See that bird… it eats the same grain for the generations and drinks the same spring water.

See that animal too… it eats same grass right from the evolution and drinks the same lake water.

On this background, why we human are so special?

Answer to this is so simple; our good judgment of taste, our sensitivity to various flavours makes us human.

We human beings have been ‘Playing with Flavours’ for thousands of years. We happily eat varieties of food and drink a range of beverages.

It’s nothing but improving our sense of taste.
It’s nothing but broadening our sense of taste.
It’s nothing but ‘Playing with flavours’.

Our Products

Flavoured Coconut Water

The Ultimate Fusion of Coconut Water & Fruits

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Apple Fruit Juice With Masala

The Startling Combination of Fruit Juice and Masala

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In case of any comment or query related to our products or any assistance needed, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to help you.

A3L Foods Corporation

Reg. Office Address: 5613, Anandi Bazar, Patwardhan Chowk, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India – 414 001.

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+91 703-803-9039

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